Tap Table


Crack and kicherin spillin oot the gowden howfs o Budapest

Collegian inns o Heidelberg, the dives o the Sorbonne.

Waggin lines o waashin streetch ower the weel-kept causey

Abune an auncient gushet whaur an artist tries his haun.


Flauchterin Aurora o white nichts o Haparanda

Greeks an Turks aye grunchin ower the Cypriot divide.

Waarm win souchin through the gentie grape rigs shooglin

Rinning doun the brae toward the blae Aegean tide.


Feart, blate, an yet wi mettle muntin

Hingin on for dear life tae the nor-wast tour.

Caul, wat, trauchlin oot an upward

Daunerin the hinmaist through the labyrinths o pooer.


In the coontin hooses o the laigh countrie

Glisterin wi ile an soused wi barley-bree.

Hi you! divvyin oot the dales o lan and watter

Hirsel ower a bittie, syne, an mak some room tae me!

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