Double Helix

Doddie Farquhar, Buchan loon, rin awa fae the ferm toun                     lad

Shot the craa at Peter Fair, saut sea haar an caller air                mist     fresh

Lowpit a train o the North East line

The clash and the clang o the Clydeside sang

A million keelies cannae be wrang!                                                Glaswegians


Dh’fhàg Peigi Bhàn na beanntan; air falbh à Aird Ghobhar

(Peggy Bain left the mountains; away from Ardgowar)

Doon amang the hardmen wherr the sky’s shut oot wi stour                dust

Dod’s taen oan in Fairfield’s, Peigi’s at the mill

Ur ye dancing? Ur ye askin? Love at first thrill.


Single end in Brigton, steamies, stanks, and stanes

Nae light in the cludgie, cats an rats an weans

Weans rakin the midgie, weans dreepin the dyke

Jeannie’s’s gaun her ba’beds, Alec’s gaun his bike

Peigi’s doon the pawnshoap, Doddie’s oot oan strike


Better days a-dawin, three apartment in a scheme

Jeannie’s went tae uni; realised her dream

MA in Celtic Studies, M Phil in Scottish Lit

Euro-funded quango for the lingo her remit.


Rescuin the Doric fae daith of a thoosan cuts

Speaking Standard English; screivan synthetic Scots                writing

CVs and mission statements, steering groups galore

Bit the quine’s nae that faur yet fae Buchan                                             lass

Chan eil fada bhuaipe Aird Ghobhar.    Ardgowar is not far from her

Colour coded dialects:  Doric (North East Scots)  Gaelic  Glaswegian  Standard English  “standard” (academic) Scots)

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