Missing Link


Beerit here aneath the clay

Ma bittie bane has hud its day

Ma bairnies teem oot ower the earth

Fae oot ma wame they hud their birth.

Gorillas roamin through the gloamin

Peelin fruit on the grassy plains.

Orang-utans wi orange airms

Swingin slow ablow the trees.

Rattlin yatterin chimpanzees.

As ye are noo, sae wis I aince.


Whaur are ye noo, Neanderthal bairn?

The snaw and ice ye cawed yer hame

Meltit lang syne, and likewise ye

Are dust ev noo alang wi me.

Ma billion bairnies mind me nane

Ah never even hud a name

Ah gaithered an hunted,

Speechlessly grunted.

Ablow the glaur ev noo yet linger

A bittie tooth, an index finger.


Mind you! The bruckle flesh is rotten,

Yet Ah’m urnae quite forgotten

Ma youngest bairnies, baldy-backit,

Teeterin heich an spurtle-leggit

Through the glaur.wi trowel an ladle

Ae day they’ll howk me oot ma cradle.

Reverently waash me, sift me,

Learnedly discuss me, dust me

Lovinly label me, DNA test me

Tak me hame wi them, claim me their ain.

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