Comin Back Ower the Border

Comin Back Ower the Border


Comin back ower the Border

The first ye ken ye’re hame

It isna jist the biggins

The brick gien wey tae stane


It’s nae the country roon aboot

Craggies, cleughs an corries                                        

Stanes keeking through the shilpit yird

Less caurs an bikes an lorries


It’s nae the pastels o the North

The weather-gleam in the lift

The snell gurly teeth o the wind

The smirr in the mochie drift


It’s “wee this” “see thon” “Och, gonnae”

The “O” sae straucht an lang

The “R” rollin richly roon the braes

The speak on the rise o a sang.

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