Who Killed the truth?

Who Killed the Truth?


Who killed the truth?

I, said the Press

With my caress,

I killed the truth.

Who saw it die?

I, said the lie

Turned a blind eye,

I saw it die.

Who’ll make its shroud?

We, said the crowd.

For we can shout loud

We’ll make its shroud.

Who’ll dig its grave?

I, said the crook

With my history book
I’ll dig its grave.

Who’ll sing a psalm?

I said the gangster

I’m a jolly songster.

I’ll sing a psalm.

Who’ll be chief mourner?

I, said the meek

I’ll turn the other cheek.

Again and again and again.

All the careless of the world

Take to dancing on the grave

Of the tellers of the truth

The constant and the brave.



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