Soond shift

Daunerin oot ae braw mornin in May
The laverock tweetlin in the caller air
The lads in the ba park gien it laldy
A bairn stringin gowans till her mither’s hair.

Gwyne for the morn’s paper tae Mr Akram
Passin the time o day wi aul Tam Bain
Scutchin back the bindweed thrapplin the rosebuds
Aathin noo is chyngit, but aye gaes on the same.

An the blae earth birlin like a beacon in the lift
An the rain aye scutterin whaur it hits the mochie grun
An nane ae us has bracken oot in biles an carbuncles
An naebody has reivit me o five thoosan pun.

And yet a helicopter on the Barra strand
A Lossie loon at hud his wits aboot him on the day
Hae wrouchten nou a sleekit shift in aa wur wey o thinkin
An history will keep in mind this rare mornin in May.

(written in May 2007 after the SNP won the Scottish Parliamentary election for the first time
with one seat more than Labour. Published in Lallans#73 in 2008) Mary McCabe