Mary McCabe canvassing in Barmulloch

Mary delivered her first leaflets while still at school and canvassed her first households (alone!) while still in her teens. Since then her political activism has included:

  • Organising and participating in door-to-door canvassing, telephone canvassing and leafleting drives
  • Setting up street stalls
  • Coordinating the YES campaign for Provan constituency at the 2014 independence referendum
  • Being interviewed by journalists for various European papers
  • Speaking several times at SNP Conferences in front of up to 1000 people as well as TV cameras
  • Successfully initiating changes of policy at SNP Conferences (trail-blazing!) Main changes introduced:
    • referendum on the monarchy (1997)
    • taxation of undeveloped/unproductive land (2017)
    • wage ratio legislation: linking the salary of the CEO directly to the salary of the lowest paid employee in the same organisation. (2018)
  • Attending umpteen demonstrations and rallies in Scotland (Glasgow, Edinburgh, Dumfries, Stirling, Perth,  Faslane) and abroad
  • Election Agent four times – for different candidates in different constituencies.
  • Decades of experience within the SNP in executive posts at Branch level (Organiser, Secretary, Treasurer)
  • Nine years as a NALGO/UNISON shop steward during which she successfully lobbied (often against the hierarchy of her trade union) for eradication of payscale anomalies and for changes such as flexible working patterns. Was personally influential at an industrial tribunal which resulted in introduction of job-sharing to Careers Service staff across Strathclyde Region.
  • Lifelong campaign of letters to the Press. (Unlike blogs, newspapers are read by those not yet committed. Mary sends letters disclosing suppressed reports or counteracting fake news to the Herald; to the National she sends letters about the strategy of achieving independence).

Women for Independence

Pensioners for Independence

At the 2018 inaugural meeting of Pensioners for Indy Mary was elected Co-Convenor

Scottish National Party

Scottish Independence Convention

SNP Spring Conference 2017 -arguing for the taxation of undeveloped land

1820 Society

On Doors Open Day Mary is the guide at the Sighthill Cemetery memorial to the 1820 Martyrs, telling the story of the Radical Wars of the eearly 19th century.

Eilean Mor McCormick

In the 1990s Mary helped to build a Visitors’ Centre for this historical SNP-owned island

Building bothy 1996