Ane in coontless billions, yer chances
O aw thae grannies kissin thae granpaws
An aw the kisses at aw the dances
That led this seed tae this ae egg.
Three in fower o winnin through the nine month
Fower in a hunnert o growin a rig-bane
Aince riggit, ane in coontless hunnerts o a human brain
Born a germ or fish or fly
Whit wad ye mak o yer ae try?

Fae Time immemorial
Fae Eve an Adam daunert east
Fae the last Neanderthal grat at a funeral
Fae the Comet blanked oot maist o the beasts.
Fae a gollach sprauchled oot the primeval broth
Fae the Earth first birlt roon the ragin sun
You an yours hae been on ae lang winnin streak.
Ye lucky bugger, hoo daur ye speak
Wi aw yer chances, o makin awa wi yersel?
Mary McCabe
(Pub in Lallans # 69 – 2006)